Pirate Queen
(by Zarina Silverman)

I was born to high society
Learned to drink tea and how to curtsey
Always wore gloves and never got dirty
Like a bird in a cage it was not much fun

When I was fifteen they said I was a Lady
And brought me to meet the man I would marry
He was old, cantankerous and ugly
That's when I knew that I had to run

The night before the wedding I slipped outside
Knowing in my finery I could not hide
So I stole some rags from the servant's quarters
And signed on as a ship's boy to await my orders
The first mate laughed when he saw my dainty hands
But promised me that soon enough I'd be a man

My lungs grew strong in the salty sea air
I learned to drink rum and how to swear
As for my former life I did not care
From now on it's a sailor's life for me

In a few short weeks I'd become the first mate's favorite
That's when he told me he was secretly a pirate
A mutiny was planned and he asked if I would join it
From now on it's a pirate's life for me

The night before the mutiny I slipped on deck
Knowing that my actions would risk my neck
I saw him standing in the pale moonlight
And there and then I told him all about my plight
The first mate laughed as he held my ragged hands
And promised he would marry me when we reached land

The very next day I killed my first man
I felt so proud as his scarlet blood ran
I looked up at my Captain, so handsome and tan
And the first mate, now, that's me

I'll never give up this pirate's life
Even if I weren't the captain's wife
I love my cutlass, my pistol and knife
But most of all I love being free

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The song Pirate Queen was inspired by numerous true stories of female pirates, drawn to the freedom of the high seas, something that wasn't widely available to women on land. Some of the most successful pirates in history were women, and some of the most ruthless.