The Last Pirates
(by Zarina Silverman)

Once we plundered seven seas
And rolled on waves so clear and high
Once we sailed past golden shores
And found our way by starry skies
But ere those days have been and gone
And history has carried on
And all that we had counted on
Is gone
Is gone

Raise a glass, ye sorry men
Enjoy it well for it's the last
Make no toast to life or health
For those are things whose time is past
We thought the Earth was ours to tame
Pursuit of wealth was just a game
And now we have ourselves to blame
For shame
For shame

The air we breathe is fading fast
So take one last sour sip my friends
It can't be luck so call it fate
We made it to the bitter end
The cask now dry a casket makes
No god will die for these mistakes
For all along we knew the stakes

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