The Wicked Smile
(by Igor Koyfman)

Jack was a dashing pirate lad
And Mary was in love with that
They came across a treasure map
A big red X right where it's at

They got recruited dressed the same
Aboard a schooner with no name
And when they were far out at sea
They turned their mates to piracy

The drunken captain fought and swore  
They took him down to the shore
And left him with a shot of rum
And short of luck as he cursed them

When Jack was mad he was insane
And Mary often was the same
They ripped the fateful map in half
But what each held was not enough

They split the crew and parted ways
Yet after many gloomy days
They met each other once again
And they agreed upon a plan

(instrumental break)

They made a copy of the chart
On which the treasure wasn't marked
They named the ship The Wicked Smile
And then set sail to Treasure Isle

Jack was fortune's gentleman
And Mary fell in love again
But being practical and smart
She still held on to half the chart

Inspired confident and free
The ship was rocking on the sea
And they arrived upon a beach
Where they had hoped to get rich

Said Jack, let's see the real map
But Mary gave his hand a slap
They then exchanged some angry words
And soon were fighting with their swords

The battle was intense and rough
Until they had to stop and laugh
But after their change of heart
They couldn't read the bloody chart

The Wicked Smile had sailed away
The cursed lovers left to stay
What they had found we do not know
The tide comes high the tide comes low

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